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Dept of Physics & Astronomy, Faculty of Science

Departmental Info
General Enquiries
Telephone: (416)736-5249
Campus Building: Petrie 128
Fax: (416)736-5516
Bartel, Norbert Distinguished Research Professor
Bergevin, Christopher Assistant Professor-Sabbatical July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019
Bhadra, Sampa Professor
Bietenholz, Michael Research Associate
Burt, James Associate Professor Emeritus
Cannon, Wayne Professor Emeritus
Carswell, Allan Professor Emeritus
Darewych, Jurij Professor Emeritus
De Camillis, Janaki Undergraduate Program Assistant
De Robertis, Michael Professor
Del Biondo, Cristalina Carmela Administrative Assistant
Delaney, Paul Professor, Teaching Stream-Sabbatical January 1, 2019 to June 30,2019
Fiorentini Aguirre, Guillermo Arturo Research Associate
Frisken, William Professor Emeritus
George, Matthew Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Hall, Patrick Professor
Hessels, Eric Distinguished Research Professor
Horbatsch, Marko Professor
Horbatsch, Marko Title Not Supplied
Hudspith, Renwick James Research Assistant
Jayawardhana, Ray Professor
Jeffers, Stanley Associate Professor Emeritus
Jerzak, Stanislaw Professor, Teaching Stream
Johnson, Matthew C Assistant Professor- Sabbatical July 1,2018 to June 30, 2019
Kareem, Mohammad Postdoctoral Fellow
Kirchner, Tom Professor
Koehler, Roy Associate Professor Emeritus
Koniuk, Roman Professor
Kumarakrishnan, Anantharaman Professor
Laframboise, James G. Professor Emeritus
Lewis, Randy Professor
Marsan, Zehra Cemile Postdoctoral Fellow
McCall, Marshall Chair (chphas@yorku.ca)
McCall, Marshall Professor
Menary, Scott Professor- Sabbatical July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019
Mermut, Ozzy Assistant Professor
Miller, John Professor Emeritus
Morgan, Fred Associate Professor Emeritus
Muzzin, Adam Assistant Professor
Novikov, Alexandre Engineering Technologist
Orchard, Gloria Laboratory Technologist
Prince, Robert University Professor Emeritus
Quine, Brendan Associate Professor
Sagunski, Laura Postdoctoral Fellow
Stauffer, Allan Professor Emeritus
Storry, Cody Associate Professor
Taylor, Wendy Professor
Tulin, Sean Associate Professor
Zhang, Jun Postdoctoral Fellow
Zylberberg, Joel Assistant Professor
van Wijngaarden, William A. Professor

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