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Assessment and Document Processing

Departmental Info
General Enquiries
Fax: (416)736-5536
Phippen, Jock Director Recruitment and Admissions
Hammond, Eloisa Assistant Director, Admissions Assessment
Wilson, Andrew Assistant Director, Transfers and Transitions
Baldeo, Gayatri Admissions Assessor
Bosch-Karas, Sylvia Supervisor Doc. Processing
Bull, Janis Credential Analyst Transfer Credit
Callan, Brian Admissions Assessor
Cappelletti, Elisa Transition Assistant
Choi, Hui (Jonathan) Admissions Assessor IBC
Cousins, Michelle Admissions Assessor IBC (on leave)
Di Pinto, Vera Z Mail File Clerk
Espinheira, Tara Admissions Assessor
Fuoco, Vilma Admissions Assessor
Gladstone, Linda Admissions Assessor
Gord, Adrienne F. Assessor Transfer Credit
Gov, Garvy Admissions Assessor
Habib, Rumina Admissions Assessor
Hamid, Saira Transitions Assistant
Hassan, Meltem Credential Analyst Graduate Studies
Hollingshead, Wanda Assessor Transfer Credit (on leave)
Huang, June Admissions Assessor
Jonas-Lohn, Yvonne Admissions Assistant
Khan, Annemarie Admissions Assessor
Khan, Sarah Transitions Assessor
La Penna, Nadia Credential Analyst Undergraduate
Mayol, Susan Credential Analyst Undergraduate
Mills, David Admissions Assessor
Nesbeth-Hunter, Natalie Admissions Assessor
Newhook, Marsha L. Administrative Assistant
Nwagbugbo, Onyinye Admissions Counsellor International
Paglia, Tammy Admissions Assistant
Pan, Luba Assistant Manager Document Processing
Perera, Manohari Admission Assistant
Philip, Susan Credential Analyst Undergraduate (International)
Purisman, Ella Admissions Assessor
Rajwani, Alisha Admissions Assessor
Santarossa-Roncali, Marilyn Admissions Assessor
Shamselarijani, Zanita Assessor Transfer Credit
Sims, Julie Credential Analyst
Singh, Sheerin Admissions Assessor
Stock, Sienna Transition Assistant
Sudhai, Linda Admissions Assistant
Taigla, Christine Admissions Assessor
Tran, Melissa Admissions Assessor
Velardi, Sandra Admissions Assessor

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Level One Assessment and Document Processing

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