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Department of Cinema & Media Arts, School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design

Departmental Info
General Enquiries
Telephone: (416)736-5149 (Voicemail)
Campus Building: CtrFilm&Theatre 220
Fisher, Caitlin Chair and Associate Professor
Greyson, John R Graduate Program Director (MFA) and Associate Professor
Hayashi, Sharon H Graduate Program Director (MA/PhD) and Associate Professor
Wright, Terry Manager, Facilities, Health and Safety, and Technical Services
O'Brien, Lauren Administrative Assistant
Adamson, Stephanie Equipment Allocation Coordinator
Arriaga, Marcos Film Technician
Barta, Tereza Associate Professor
Becker, Manfred Assistant Professor
Beharry, Melesa Operations Manager
Buchbinder, Amnon Associate Professor
Bunch, Mary Assistant Professor
Cameron, Evan W. Emeritus Professor
Denton, Stacy Sessional Assistant Professor
Evans, Barbara Associate Professor
Feldman, Seth Professor Emeritus
Fisher, Jim Emeritus Professor
Forsyth, Scott Associate Professor Emeritus
Green, Laurence Associate Professor (On Sabbatical)
Hayakawa, Yukari Student Service/Program Support Assistant
Hedley, Jonathon Post Production Coordinator
Helfield, Gillian Contract Faculty
Hoffman, Philip J Associate Professor
Kazimi, Ali Associate Professor
Kispal-Kovacs, Joseph Contract Faculty
Kwong, Gilbert Film Technician
Lee, Kuowei Graduate Program Assistant
Lhotsky, Antonin Emeritus Professor
Longfellow, Brenda Associate Professor (On Sabbatical)
Marchessault, Janine Professor
McCullough, John Associate Professor (On Sabbatical)
Ng-Chan, Taien Sessional Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Pinto, Claudius Systems Installation and Maintenance Technician
Rickard, Marie Associate Professor
Rogers, Kenneth Associate Professor
Trifonova, Temenuga D Associate Professor
Wagner, Colleen Associate Professor Emeritus
Wickens, Renate Associate Professor
Wiseman, Howard M. Associate Professor
Young, Suzie S. F. Associate Professor
Zarza, Zaira Sessional Assistant Professor
Zryd, Michael Associate Professor

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