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Dept of Economics, Faculty of LA&PS

Departmental Info
General Enquiries
Telephone: (416)736-5083 (Voicemail)
Campus Building: Vari 1144
Ferrara, Ida Chair & Associate Professor
Buckley, Neil Undergraduate Program Director
Georgopoulos, George Graduate Program Director & Associate Professor
Witmer, Shelley Operations Manager
Pinto, Regina Administrative Assistant
Adamopoulos, Anastasios Associate Professor
Ahmed, Mofith Tasmim Undergraduate Program Assistant
Akyol, Ahmet Associate Professor
Anam, Mahmudul Professor (on sabbatical)
Appelbaum, Elie Professor
Baket, Magy Undergraduate Program Advisor
Bardis, Vassilios Contract Faculty
Beare, John Associate Professor
Brzozowski, Mateusz Associate Professor
Bucovetsky, Sam Faculty - Retiree
Chiang, Shin-Hwan Professor
Cohen, Avi J. Professor
Colby, Gordana Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Cortes Kandler, Matias Assistant Professor
Davidson, Julie Program Secretary
Digby, Carol Undergraduate Program Secretary
Djogbenou, Antoine Assistant Professor
Drost, Helmar Faculty - Retiree
Edwards, Steve I Contract Faculty
Esteve-Volart, Berta Associate Professor
Fallis, George Faculty - Retiree
Ferati, Redzep Administrative Secretary
Furlong, Kieran Contract Faculty
Grinspun, Ricardo Associate Professor
Guidi, Lisa Graduate Program Assistant
Ho, Wai-Ming Associate Professor
Jalil, Ferdous Contract Faculty
Jasiak, Joann Professor
Jazairi, Nuri T Faculty - Retiree
Kabir, Mir Ahasan Contract Faculty
Karagyozova, Tsvetanka Sessional Assistant Professor
Kayani, Zafar Contract Faculty
Khan, Shahed Kaiser Sessional Assistant Professor
Khan, Sharif Contract Faculty
Kimakova, Alena Associate Professor
Kong, Ying Associate Professor
Lagerlof, Nils-Petter Associate Professor
Landa, Janet T. Faculty - Retiree
Lanfranco, Sam Faculty-Retiree
Lebrun, Bernard Associate Professor
Lee, David Kyungwon Contract Faculty
Li, Xiang Contract Faculty
Li, Xianghong Associate Professor
Lileeva, Alla Associate Professor
Lo, Kin Chung Professor
Mahmoud, Chowdhury, S Sessional Assistant Professor
Maitra, Sudeshna Assistant Professor
Malik, Sadia Mariam Sessional Assistant Professor
Mansoorian, Arman Professor
Marzouk, Mahmoud S. Faculty-Retiree
Noordeh, Ardeshir (Art) Contract Faculty
Paschakis, John Contract Faculty
Petronijevic, Uros Assistant Professor
Podhorsky, Andrea S. Assistant Professor
Qaiser, Shadab Contract Faculty
Quattrociocchi, Jeff Contract Faculty
Rahravan, Mahnaz Systems Administrator (on leave)
Reinhardt, Paul Faculty - Retiree
Rilstone, Paul Professor
Robinson, Luisa Undergraduate Program Advisor
Salisbury, Laura Assistant Professor
Sand, Benjamin Associate Professor
Sayed Ahmed, Ahmed Technical Systems Assistant
Schwartz, Harvey Faculty-Retiree
Semenov, Andrei Associate Professor
Seury, Simin Contract Faculty
Singh, Roshan Program Secretary
Smith, Barry Professor
Smithin, John Faculty - Retiree
Spotton Visano, Brenda University Professor
Stefanidis, Georgios Assistant Professor
Stoyanov, Andrey Associate Professor
Sufana, Razvan D Associate Professor
Tam, Henry Associate Professor
Thomas, Jillian S Undergraduate Program Advisor
Wilczynski, Adam Assistant Professor

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