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Dept of History, Faculty of LA&PS

Departmental Info
General Enquiries: Sivatharshini Sivanathan, Client Service/Program Support Representative
Telephone: (416)736-5123 (Voicemail)
Campus Building: Vari 2140
Fax: (416)736-5836
Email: dar80@yorku.ca
Graduate Program - General Inquires: Daniela DiNunzio, Graduate Program Secretary
Telephone: (416)736-5127 (Voicemail)
Telephone: (416)736-2100 x 66982 (Voicemail)
Campus Building: Vari 2174
Fax: (416)736-5836
Email: ddinunz@yorku.ca
Abdullah Sam, Thabit A.J. Chair; Professor
Neill, Deborah Undergraduate Program Director; Associate Professor
Trevett, Jeremy Graduate Program Director, Associate Professor
Hoffmann, Lisa Administrative Assistant
Di Benigno, Patricia Undergraduate Program Administrator
Flint, Jeannine Undergraduate Program Secretary
Dancy, Karen Graduate Program Assistant
Sivanathan, Sivatharshini (Dharshi) Student and Program Support Representative
Szucsko, Anita Department Website Assistant
Abella, Irving M Professor Emeritus
Armstrong, Christopher Professor Emeritus
Arsenault, Mathieu Course Director
Bargain, Alban Course Director
Bonnell, Jennifer Assistant Professor
Bradbury, Bettina Senior Scholar
Brooke, Stephen J Professor
Campbell, William Post-Doctoral Fellow
Chen, Jerome C Professor Emeritus
Cohen, Elizabeth Professor
Cohen, Tom V. Professor
Connor, Patrick J Course Director
Cothran, Boyd D. Assistant Professor
Cousins, David Course Director
Cundy, Jody Course Director
Curto, Jose Associate Professor
De la Cour, Lykke Assistant Lecturer
DiNunzio, Daniela Administrative Secretary
Dick, Madelyn Associate Professor Emerita
Durston, Alan T. Associate Professor
Edmondson, Jonathan Distinguished Research Professor
Egnal, Marc Senior Scholar
Eisen, Sydney Professor Emeritus
Endicott, Steven Professor Emeritus
Fernandes, Gilberto Postdoctoral Fellow
Fernandez Corral, Marta Postdoctoral Fellow
Fogel, Joshua A Professor, Canada Research Chair
Freeman, Victoria Course Director
Gekas, Athanasios Associate Professsor; Hellenic Heritage Foundation Chair
Ginsburg, Jerry Assistant Professor Emeritus
Gleberzon, William Course Director
Granatstein, Jack L Professor Emeritus
Haberman, Arthur Professor Emeritus
Hagerman, Edward (Ned) Professor Emeritus
Hay, C. Douglas Professor Emeritus
Heron, W Craig Professor Emeritus
Hoffmann, Richard C. Professor Emeritus
Houston, Susan E Professor Emerita
Irvine, William D Professor Emeritus
Jackman, Trinity Course Director
Johnson, Michele Associate Professor
Jones-Imhotep, Edward Associate Professor
Judge, Joan Professor
Kater, Michael H Professor Emeritus
Kelly, Benjamin Associate Professor
Kheraj, Sean Associate Professor
Kim, Janice Associate Professor
Koffman, David Assistant Professor, J. Richard Shiff Chair
Koopmans, Rachel M Associate Professor
Ladd-Taylor, Molly Associate Professor
Le Goff, T.J.A Professor Emeritus
Lovejoy, Paul Distinguished Research Professor
Maidman, Maynard Professor Emeritus
Maiguashca, Juan Professor Emeritus
Martel, Marcel Professor; Avie Bennett Historica Canada Chair
McErlean, John M Professor Emeritus
McMahon, Colin Course Director
McPherson, Kathryn Professor
Mitchell, Peter M Professor Emeritus
Neeson, Jeanette Senior Scholar
Neill, Deborah Associate Professor
Nelles, Vivian Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus
Perin, Roberto Professor
Podruchny, Carolyn Associate Professor
Rogers, Nicholas Distinguished Research Professor
Rubenstein, Anne Associate Professor
Schneider, Richard Associate Professor Emeritus
Schotte, Margaret E. Assistant Professor
Sheikh, Shiraz Course Director
Shore, Marlene Professor
Shubert, Adrian University Professor
Steinisch, Irmgard Professor Emerita
Stephen, Jennifer Associate Professor
Stevens, Paul Associate Professor Emeritus
Sturino, Franc Associate Professor
Swarney, Paul R Professor Emeritus
Targa, Ryan Course Director
Tohill, Joseph Course Director
Trotman, David Associate Professor
Wakabayashi, Bob Professor Emeritus
Webster, Ronald D Professor Emeritus
Weiser, Keith I Associate Professor; Silber Chair, E. Europe Jewry & Holocaust Studies
Wicken, William Full Professor

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