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Dept of Mathematics & Statistics, Faculty of Science

Departmental Info
General Enquiries
Telephone: (416)736-5250 (Voicemail)
Campus Building: Ross N520
Fax: (416)736-5757
Information Technology Program
Telephone: (416)736-2100 x 22647
Rainey, Susan Faculty Secretary - Chair's Office
Abramson, Morton Professor Emeritus
Miranda, Primrose Graduate Program Assistant
Albright, R. Gordon Faculty - Retiree
Bergeron, Nantel Professor
Brown, Julia M.N. Associate Professor Emeritus
Bugajska, Krystyna Associate Professor Emeritus
Burns, Robert G. Professor Emeritus
Cao, Xiulei Title Not Supplied
Carless, Ann-Marie Adminstrative Assistant
Chan, Ada Associate Professor - Undergraduate Program Director
Chawla, Jagmohan Contract Faculty
Chen, Michael Associate Professor
Chen, Steven Systems Administrator
Chow, Amenda Assistant Lecturer
Colmenarejo, Laura Title Not Supplied
Deng, Ziwang Title Not Supplied
Denzel, Gene Associate Professor Emeritus
Farah, Ilijas Professor
Fu, Cindy Associate Professor
Furman, Edward Associate Professor
Ganong, Richard Associate Professor Emeritus
Gao, Xin Professor
Gao, Yun Professor
Gibson, Peter C. Associate Professor
Gonzalez, Osvaldo G. Title Not Supplied
Grigull, Jorg Associate Professor
Guiasu, Silviu Professor Emeritus
Haslam, Michael Associate Professor
Heffernan, Jane Associate Professor
Huang, Huaxiong Professor
Ingram, Patrick M. Assistant Professor
Jankowski, Hanna Associate Professor
Janse van Rensburg, Esaias J. Professor
Kleiner, Israel Professor Emeritus
Kochman, Stan Professor Emertius
Ku, Hyejin Associate Professor
Kuznetsov, Alexey Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director
Kye, Yisub Title Not Supplied
Lamzouri, Youness Assistant Professor
Li, Shu Xiao Title Not Supplied
Liang, Dong Professor
Liu, Wei Associate Professor
MacHenry, Trueman Associate Professor Emeritus
Madras, Neal Professor
Maltman, Kim Professor
Massam, Helene Professor
Michkine, Valery Contract Faculty
Moghadas, Seyed Associate Professor
Monette, Georges Associate Professor
Moyles, Iain Assistant Professor
Muldoon, Martin E. Professor Emeritus
Nah, Kyeongah Title Not Supplied
O'Brien, George Professor Emeritus
Olin, Phil Professor Emeritus
Pelletier, Donald H. Associate Professor Emeritus
Peskun, Peter H. Associate Professor
Pietrowski, Alfred Associate Professor
Poliakov, Igor Contract Faculty
Promislow, S. David Professor Emeritus
Purzitsky, Norm Associate Professor
Raguimov, Iouldouz Contract Faculty
Rahman, Ashrafur Title Not Supplied
Rahman, Kazi A. Title Not Supplied
Rapke, Tina K. Assistant Professor
Ridley, Anne Marie Faculty Secretary
Salisbury, Thomas Professor
Salzarulo, Madeline Undergraduate Program Assistant
Shen, Yang Assistant Professor
Shenitzer, Abe Professor Emeritus
Skelton, Andrew Assistant Professor
Skoufranis, Paul Assistant Professor
Song, Zilong Title Not Supplied
Steprans, Juris Professor
Szeptycki, Paul Professor / Chair
Tanny, David L. Associate Professor
Theodorescu, Emanoil Contract Faculty
Tholen, Walter Professor
Walker, Marshall Professor
Wall, Byron E. Senior Lecturer Emeritus
Wang, Steven Professor
Watson, Stephen Professor
Weiss, Asia Ivic Professor
Whiteley, Walter J. Professor
Wong, Augustine Professor
Wong, Man Wah Professor
Wu, Jianhong Professor and Canada Research Chair
Wu, Yuehua Professor
Zabrocki, Michael Associate Professor
Zhu, Hongmei Associate Professor
Zhu, Huaiping Professor

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