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Dept of Philosophy, Faculty of LA&PS

Departmental Info
General Enquiries: Melonie Ricketts
Telephone: (416)736-5113 (Voicemail)
Campus Building: Ross S448
Fax: (416)736-5114
Myers, Robert Chair/Professor
Giudice, Michael G Associate Professor
Verheggen, Claudine E Professor
Alexander, Elizabeth Operations Manager
Jackman, Henry Associate Professor
Khalidi, Muhammad-Ali Professor
Gooljar, Christine Administrative Assistant
Keltz-Wolk, Debbie Lee Undergraduate Program Assistant (Philosophy)
Eisner, Kimberley Undergraduate Program Assistant (Modes Of Reasoning)
Allen, Julie Anna Contract Faculty
Andrews, Kristin A Deputy Graduate Program Director, Associate Professor
Beck, Jacob Cognitive Science Coordinator/Assistant Professor
Boran, Idil Practical Ethics Certificate Coordinator/Associated Professor
Code, Lorraine B. Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Dimock, Susan Professor
Duran, Claudio Associate Professor Emeritus
Gomez-Holtved, Francisco Contract Faculty
Gottschling, Verena Associate Professor
Hattiangadi, Jagdish N. Professor
Huss, Brian D Modes Of Reasoning Coordinator, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Jarvie, Ian C. Distinguished Prof. Philosophy of Social Science Journal
Jopling, David A. Professor
Kumar, Chandra Contract Faculty
Lemos, Cyan Title Not Supplied
MacLachlan, Alice Graduate Program Director/Associate Professor
Manafu, Alexandru Computer Coordinator/Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Matthew, Dale Contract Faculty
McArthur, Daniel Associate Professor
Morera, Esteve Associate Professor
Naddaf, Gerard Professor
Pelham, Judy Associate Professor
Phillips, Patrick Contract Faculty
Posca, Emma Graduate Program Assistant
Ranganathan, Shyam Contract Faculty
Rini, Regina Assistant Professor, Canada Research Chair
Rodde, Stefan W. Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Russell, Devlin Sessional Assistant Professor
Stamos, Dave Contract Faculty
Vernon, Jim Associate Professor
Waring, Duff R Undergraduate Program Director, Associate Professor

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