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Dept of Psychology, Faculty of Health

Departmental Info
General Enquiries
Telephone: (416)736-5115
Campus Building: BSB 101
Undergraduate Office
Telephone: (416)736-5117
Campus Building: BSB 292
Fax: (416)736-5814
Graduate Office
Telephone: (416)736-5290
Campus Building: BSB 297
Fax: (416)736-5814
Computer Lab
Telephone: (416)736-2100 x 44018
Campus Building: BSB 159
Resource Centre
Telephone: (416)736-2100 x 77189
Campus Building: BSB 162
Connolly, Jennifer Professor and Chair
Fergus, Karen D Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director
MacDonald, Suzanne Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director
Hartley, Louise Director, York University Psychology Clinic
Santos, Lori-Anne Administrative Assistant Graduate Program
Malisani, Jennifer Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Program
Thomas, Valerie Advisor Undergraduate Program
Tortorelli, Laura A Administrative Assistant to the Chair
Adler, Scott A. Associate Professor
Angus, Lynne Professor
Armstrong, Sharon Contract Faculty
Avitzur, Ehud Udi Contract Faculty
Ball, Laura Contract Faculty
Barac, Raluca Violeta Contract Faculty
Barranti, Maxwell Assistant Professor
Bazar, Jennifer L. Contract Faculty
Bebko, Adam Course Director
Bebko, James M. Professor
Berdejo-Williams, Rosa Undergraduate Program Secretary
Bialystok, Ellen Distinguished Research Professor
Bohr, Yvonne Associate Professor
Boritz, Tali Contract Faculty
Cawley, Terri Receptionist/CUPE Support Secretary
Chalmers, Robert Philip Assistant Professor
Charlton, Pauline Contract Faculty
Check, James V.P. Assoc. Professor
Cheng, Chooi-Ling Undergraduate Program Assistant
Cheng, Joey Assistant Professor
Choi, Ji Yeh Assistant Professor
Conder, Julie Assistant Professor, Teachaing Stream
Crawford, Doug Distinguished Research Professor, Canada Research Chair
Cribbie, Robert A Professor
DeSouza, Joseph Francis Associate Professor
Desrocher, Mary Associate Professor
Deutsch, Robert Professor Emeritus
Di Nota, Paula Graduate student - contract faculty member
Eastwood, John D Associate Professor
Elder, James Professor
Ellison, Jennifer Research Associate
Erentzen, Caroline Course Director
Fiksenbaum, Lisa Contract Faculty
Fitzpatrick, Skye Assistant Professor
Flett, Gordon Professor, Canada Research Chair, Director LaMarsh
Flora, David B. Associate Professor
Fortune, Kathleen Assistant Professor
Freud, Erez Assistant Professor
Friendly, Michael Professor
Fruend, Ingo Assistant Professor
Geller, Shari Contract Faculty
Gicas, Kristina Assistant Professor
Giuliano, Mariela Graduate student - contract faculty member
Goel, Vinod Professor
Goldberg, Gerald Contract Faculty
Goldberg, Joel Associate Professor
Green, Christopher Professor
Greenberg, Les Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus
Greenglass, Esther R. Professor
Grundy, John Post Doc with Dr. E. Bialystok, contract faculty
Halpert, Joanne D Client Services Representative, York University Psychology Clinic
Haltrecht, Edward Contract Faculty
Hardtke, Karen K Contract Faculty
Harris, Laurence Professor and Director CVR
Hawrylewicz, Kornelia Lab Manager for Dr. Ellen Bialystok
Heinrichs, Walter Professor
Herbert, Monique Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Hilborn, J. Contract Faculty
Hsu, Chia-Fen Post Doc with Drs. Eastwood and Toplak
Hynie, Michaela Associate Professor
Jenkin, Heather Contract Faculty
Johnson, Janice Professor Emerita
Joszvai, Emoke Contract Faculty
Jubis, Rebecca Contract Faculty
Kaffko, Karen Contract Faculty
Karmali, Francine Graduate Student Course Director
Katz, Joel D Professor, Canada Research Chair
Kawakami, Kerry Lynn Professor
Keough, Matthew T. Assistant Professor
Kim, Alice Post Doc with Dr. S. Rosenbaum, Contract Faculty
Koenig, Kathy Professor Emerita
Kohler, Peter Assistant Professor
Kohn, Paul Professor Emeritus
Kopinska, Agnieszka Contract Faculty
Lalonde, Richard Professor
Lawless, Diane Contract Faculty
Lay, Clarry Professor Emeritus
Le, Ada Post Doc with Dr. J.D. Crawford
Lewin, Jennifer K Contract Faculty
Louka, Corina Undergraduate Program Secretary
Luther, Michael G Contract Faculty
Maharajh, Raj Duplicating/Facilities Clerk
Mandel, David Title Not Supplied
Mapp, Alistair Assistant Professor
Mar, Raymond A. Associate Professor
Marchese, Frank Contract Faculty
Martin, Jodi J Assistant Professor
McCann, Doug Associate Professor
McNelles, Laurie R Contract Faculty
Mills, Jennifer S Associate Professor
Mongrain, Myriam Professor
Moore, Avalon Admin Assistant to Dr. J.D. Crawford
Mor, Shulamit Contract Faculty
Muise, Amy Assistant Professor
Muller, Robert Professor
Murray, Richard F. Associate Professor
Murtha, Susan Associate Professor
Nguyen, Thao Contract Faculty
Nield, Tony Title Not Supplied
Ono, Hiroshi Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus
Papadogiannis, Peter Contract Faculty
Park, Norman W Associate Professor
Pascual-Leone, Juan Professor Emeritus
Pathman, Thanujeni Assistant Professor
Pepler, Debra Distinguished Research Professor
Perry, Adrienne Professor
Persechini, Vanessa Undergraduate Program Assistant
Pettit, Michael Associate Professor
Phillips, Krista Contract Faculty
Pillai Riddell, Rebecca Professor
Pos, Alberta Associate Professor
Pyke, Sandra University Professor Emerita
Rabinovich, D. Post Doc, Contract Faculty
Rawana, Jennine Associate Professor
Regan, David M. Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus
Reid, David, W. Assoc. Professor Emeritus
Rich, Jill, Bee Assoc. Professor
Rizvi, Sana Post Doc with Dr. W. Struthers, Contract Faculty
Rokach, Ami Contract Faculty
Rosenbaum, Shayna Associate Professor
Ross, Erin C. Associate Professor
Rutherford, Alexandra Associate Professor
Salem, Sandra Post Doc with Dr. J. Weiss, Contract Faculty
Schuller, Regina Professor
Shanker, Stuart Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Psychology/Philosophy
Shaul, Andrew Contract Faculty
Sheese, Ron University Professor
Silverman, Irwin Professor Emeritus
Skinner, Harvey A Professor, Faculty of Health
Smith, Kathleen Walton Research Associate with Dr. V. Goel
Soltau, Freda Ann Graduate Program Secretary
St. Pierre, Melissa Post Doc LGBTTQI Home Care Access Res Team, Contract Fac
Stager, Paul Professor Emeritus
Stancescu, Mihaela L. Operations Manager
Steele, Jennifer R Associate Professor
Steeves, Jennifer K Professor
Stevens, Dale Assistant Professor
Struthers, Ward Professor
Stuckless, Noreen Contract Faculty
Sugar, Lorne Contract Faculty
Sutherland, Jessica Assistant Professor
Tablon, Paula Lab Coordinator for Dr. J. Weiss
Teo, Thomas Professor
Thurston, Barbara Graduate Program Support/Reception
Till, Christine Associate Professor
Toplak, Maggie E Associate Professor
Toukmanian, Shake Professor Emerita
Trobst, Krista K Associate Professor
Turner, Gary Associate Professor
Valoo, Vasanthi Contract faculty
Varghese, Jean Contract Faculty
Vingilis-Jaremko, Larissa Nicole Post Doc with Dr. K. Kawakami
Walton, Laura Technology Resource Coordinator
Warner, Tifrah Contract Faculty
Weiss, Jonathan Associate Professor
Weizmann, Fredric Professor Emeritus
Westra, Henny Associate Professor
Wiesenthal, David Professor Emeritus
Wilchesky, Marc Contract faculty
Wilcox, Laurie Professor
Wilkinson, Frances E. Professor Emerita
Wintre, Maxine Professor Emeritus
Wiseheart, Melody Professor
Wojtowicz, Magdalena Assistant Professor
Yan, Xiaogang Research Associate with Dr. J.D. Crawford
Zoidl, Georg Professor, CRC Tier I

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