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Dept of Social Science, Faculty of LA&PS

Departmental Info
General Enquiries
Telephone: (416)736-5054 (Voicemail)
Campus Building: Ross S737
Fax: (416)736-5615
Glasbeek, Amanda Chair, Associate Professor
Peacock, Mark S. Undergraduate Program Director, Professor
Patroni, Viviana Graduate Program Director DVST, Associate Professor
Szablowski, David Graduate Program Director SLST, Associate Professor
Baxter, Paul J Program Coordinator (CRIM) / Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Elliott, Denielle A Program Coordinator(HESO), Associate Professor
Fanelli, Carlo Program Coordinator(WKLS)Sessional Assitant Professor
Idemudia, Uwafiokun Program Coordinator (IDS), Associate Professor
Persram, Nalini T Program Coordinator(ISS), Associate Professor
Reed, Darryl Program Coordinator(BUSO)Associate Professor
Simoulidis, John Foundations Coordinator / Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
White, Kimberley Program Coordinator(LASO), Associate Professor
Young, Douglas Program Coordinator(URST), Associate Professor
Alexander, Elizabeth Operations Manager
Wlodarczyk, Tara Administrative Assistant
Brethour, Jennifer-Anne Administrative Secretary
Cozzolino, Lucy Administrative Secretary
Fenner, Edward W Website & Communications Assistant
Lone, Alda Undergraduate Programs Coordinator
McMillen, Tara Undergraduate Program Advisor
Milasin, Elma Undergraduate Program Advisor
Selman, Jacqueline Undergraduate Students Coordinator
Blake, Joanne Graduate Program Assistant, Socio Legal Studies
Ellis, Orlene Graduate Program Assistant, Development Studies Program
Hawley, Judith Graduate Program Assistant, Social & Political Thought
Ciuffetta, Angie Undergraduate Program Secretary
Di Palma, Amanda Program Secretary
Fiorillo, Susan Undergraduate Program Assistant, CRIM, HESO
Lamb, Pamela Undergraduate Program Assistant, BUSO & WKLS
Makkar, Monika Undergraduate Program Assistant, LASO & URST
Zjakic, Elvisa Undergraduate Program Assistant, ISS, IDS, AFST, LACS, SAST
Abbruzzese, Teresa Sessional Assistant Professor
Abdel-Shehid, Gamal Graduate Program Director, Social & Political Thought
Agnew, Vijay Senior Scholar
Allett, John Professor Emeritus
Antze, Paul Associate Professor Emeritus
Barras, Amelie Assistant Professor
Beardwood, Barbara Senior Scholar
Bickford, Annette L. Assistant Professor
Bozkurt-Gungen, Sumercan Visiting Assistant Professor
Briskin, Linda Senior Scholar
Bunting, Annie Associate Professor
Canel, Eduardo Associate Professor
Caulfield, Jon Senior Scholar
Code, Lewis Special Assistant Professor
Coffey, Mary Anne Course Director
Colaguori, Claudio Anthony Associate Professor
Compaore, Nadege Title Not Supplied
Conlin, Terry Course Director
Coombe, Rosemary Professor, Canada Research Chair
Craven, Paul Senior Scholar
Daly, Katherine Course Director
Dao, Thi Viet Nga Assistant Professor
Davies, Megan J Associate Professor
Demos, Dena Course Director
Drummond, Lisa Associate Professor
Fallis, George Professor
Flakierski, Henryk Professor Emeritus
Fonseca, Marco Course Director
Frisken, Frances J Professor Emerita
Gibbons, Jacqueline Associate Professor Emerita, Social Science/Sociology
Gittins, John Professor Emeritus
Gonda, Joe Associate Professor
Gonzalez, Miguel Sessional Assistant Professor
Goulding, Jay Associate Professor
Greenbaum, Allan Course Director
Grinspun, Ricardo Associate Professor
Haque, Eve Title Not Supplied
Hellman, Judith Adler Professor, Social Science/Political Science
Hossein, Caroline S. Associate Professor, On Sabbatical
Hutcheson, John Professor Emeritus
Hyndman, Jennifer M Professor
Idahosa, Pablo Associate Professor
Jacobs, Lesley Professor
Johnston, Cameron E. Special Assistant Professor
Juric, Tanja Course Director
Keall, Peggy Assistant Professor, ON SABBATICAL
Kellough, Gail Associate Professor Emerita
Kempadoo, Kamala Professor
Kobzar, Olena Course Director
Krikorian, Jacqueline Associate Professor
Krouzil, Jan Contract Faculty
Kwak, Laura Assistant Professor
Lam, Anita Associate Professor, ON SABBATICAL
Langille, David Course Director
Laurin-Lamothe, Audrey Assistant Professor
Law, Tuulia Sessional Assistant Professor
Levine, Stephen Professor Emeritus
Lipsig-Mumme, Carla Professor
Llambias-Wolff, Jaime Associate Professor Emeritus
Lunny, Allyson M Associate Professor
Marquez, Alina Retiree
Massam, Bryan Professor, Social Science/Geography
McDermott, Patricia Associate Professor
Mekouar, Merouan Assistant Professor
Nielsen, Emilia Assistant Professor
O'Rourke-DiCarlo, Danny Contract Faculty
Olawoye-Mann, Omosalewa O. Assistant Professor
Orr, Patricia M Title Not Supplied
Owens, Janet Retired Course Director
Peake, Linda Professor
Pollock, Gloria Contract Faculty
Pratt, Anna Associate Professor
Rajagopal, Indhu Senior Scholar
Rosenberg, Harriet Associate Professor Emerita
Rudin, Jonathan Course Director
Samuel, Jeannie Sessional Assistant Professor
Schlesinger, Rachel Associate Professor Emerita
Schnoor, Randal Course Director
Scott, Sonya Sessional Assistant Professor
Sekyi-Otu, Ato Professor (Retired)
Sheptycki, James W. E. Professor
Smith, Miriam Professor
Squire, Jeffrey Sessional Assistant Professor
Stamp, Patricia Professor Emerita
Swanson, William Assistant Professor Emeritus
Tegelberg, Matthew H. Assistant Professor
Topak, Ozgun Assistant Professor
Tusikov, Natasha Assistant Professor
Van Esterik, John Assistant Professor Emeritus
Vise, Gerald Professor Emeritus
Weisman, Richard Senior Scholar
Wellen, Richard Associate Professor
Wieselman, Myles Course Director
Wiggins, Lee Course Director
Williams, James Associate Professor
Winslow, Edward Associate Professor
de la Cour, Lykke Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

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