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Dept of Sociology, Faculty of LA&PS

Departmental Info
General Enquiries
Telephone: (416)736-5015 (Voicemail)
Campus Building: Vari 2060
Fax: (416)736-5730
Wood, Lesley Chair & Associate Professor
Davidson, Deborah A Undergraduate Program Director & Associate Professor
Goldring, Luin Professor & Graduate Program Director
Siebert, Jacqueline Administrative Assistant
Witmer, Shelley Operations Manager
Best, Deborah L Student Program Advisor
Tokiwa, Audrey Graduate Program Administrative Assistant
Ali, Harris Professor
Allen, Joan Contract Faculty
Ambert, Anne-Marie Associate Professor Emerita
Anderson, Karen Associate Professor
Anisef, Paul Professor Emeritus
Ara, Nusratun Undergraduate Program Secretary
Armstrong, Pat Professor
Artamonov, Vicky Program Secretary
Asgharzadeh, Alireza Contract Faculty
Bannerji, Himani Senior Scholar
Barnes, Annmarie Sessional Assistant Professor
Battershill, Charles Contract Faculty
Bawa, Sylvia Assistant Professor
Beare, Margaret Professor
Bischoping, Kathy Associate Professor
Blum, Alan Professor Emeritus & Senior Scholar
Brock, Deborah R. Associate Professor
Cavanagh, Sheila L Associate Professor
Chawla, Saroj Asst. Prof. Emeritus
Chovancova, Zuzana Undergraduate Program Assistant
Cohen, Rina Associate Professor
Cook, Suzanne Adjunct Professor
Craig, Jack Professor Emeritus
Darroch, Gordon Professor Emeritus
Davids, Leo Professor Emeritus
Dawson, Peter E. Contract Faculty
DiGrazia, Joseph Assistant Professor
Diamond, Fred Contract Faculty
Dimitrova, Dimitrina Contract Faculty
Ellis, Desmond Professor Emeritus
Erwin, Lorna Associate Professor
Foster, Susan Digital Media Resource Administrator
Garrett, Heather Lynn Contract Faculty
Gazso, Amber M Associate Professor
Goodman, Mark J. Assistant Professor
Grayson, Paul Professor
Gulia, Ivana Nadia Graduate Program Secretary
Hadj-Moussa, Ratiba Professor
Hanson, Barbara Professor
Hill, Janice Contract Faculty
Jansen, Clifford Assoc. Professor Emeritus
Kalmin, Andrea Contract Faculty
Kenedy, Robert Associate Professor
Kim, Ann H Associate Professor
Kurasawa, Fuyuki Associate Professor
Kyriakides, Christopher Associate Professor & Canada Research Chair
Lam, Larry Associate Professor
Landstreet, Peter Associate Professor Emeritus
Lanphier, Michael Professor Emeritus
Lidbetter, Kathleen Graduate Program Secretary
Longstaff, Stephen A Professor Emeritus
Lowndes, Ruth Research Associate, MCRI Long-term Care Project
Man, Guida Ching-Fan Associate Professor
Mandell, Nancy Professor
Mar, Lorraine Administrative Secretary
Martin, Aryn E Associate Professor
McCauley, Timothy Contract Faculty
McLuhan, Arthur E. Sessional Assistant Professor
Mongia, Radhika Associate Professor
Moore, James C. Associate Professor Emeritus
Murdocca, Carmela Associate Professor
Musto, Marcello Associate Professor
Mykhalovskiy, Eric Professor
Newman, Zoe G Contract Faculty
Newson, Janice Associate Professor Emerita
Nijhawan, Michael Associate Professor
O'Neill, John Professor Emeritus
Ornstein, Michael Associate Professor
Paasche, Gottfried Associate Professor Emeritus
Park, Hyun Ok Associate Professor
Pinter, Steven Contract Faculty
Porter, James Associate Professor Emeritus
Propper, Alice Associate Professor
Pupo, Norene Professor
Rahbari, Mohammadreza Contract Faculty
Ramsarran, Parbattie Shirley Contract Faculty
Simmons, Alan Associate Professor Emeritus
Singh, Hira Associate Professor
Sotter, Monica Undergraduate Program Secretary
Stalker, Glenn J Associate Professor
Stewart, Penni Associate Professor Emerita
Supruniuk, Tracy Andrew Contract Faculty
Thomas, Mark Associate Professor
Turrittin, Anton Associate Professor Emeritus
Walsh, Philip Associate Professor
Weir, Lorna Professor
Winters, Wendy Project Administrator, Re-imagining Long-term Residential Care

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