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Faculty of Education

Alsop, Steve Professor
Axelrod, Paul Professor Emeritus
Barkaoui, Khaled Associate Professor
Barrett, Sarah E. Associate Professor
Beattie, Julie Course Director
Bell, Jill Professor Emeritus
Bennett, Ixchel Course Director
Bourrie, Heather Course Director
Britzman, Deborah P Distinguished Research Professor of Education
Brushwood Rose, Chloƫ Associate Professor
Bunch, Gary Professor Emeritus
Crichlow, Warren Associate Professor
Desai-Trilokekar, Roopa AssociateProfessor
DiPaolantonio, Mario Associate Professor
Dion, Susan Associate Professor
Dippo, Don University Professor
Dlamini, S Nombuso Associate Professor
Fahim, Faiza Course Director
Farley, Lisa Associate Professor
Fine, Esther Associate Professor
Gaetz, Stephen Professor
Gilbert, Jen Associate Professor
Grant, Christina Course Director
Griffith, Alison Professor Emeritus.
Haig-Brown, Celia Professor
Heshusius, Lous Professor Emeritus
Hopkins, Charles UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Teacher Education
Hughes, Margaret Professor Emeritus
Husband, Marc Course Director
Ippolito, John Associate Professor
Israelite, Neita Associate Professor Emeritus
James, Carl Jean Augustine Chair in Education, Community & Diaspora and Professor
Jenson, Jen Professor
Karrass, Margaret Sessional Assistant Lecturer
Khayatt, Didi Professor
Killoran, Isabel Associate Professor
Krasny, Karen A Associate Professor
Lotherington, Heather Professor
Lynch, Jacqueline Associate Professor (On Leave)
Mannette, Joy Associate Professor
Mayer, Connie Professor
Melillo Spitznagel, Marisa Course Director
Morbey, Mary Leigh Professor Emerita and Senior Scholar
Murphy, Sharon M Professor
Norquay, Naomi Associate Professor
Orpwood, Graham Professor Emeritus
Owston, Ron University Professor
Parekh, Gillian Assistant Professor
Parker, Lana Course Director
Peguret, Muriel Associate Professor
Persaud, Anthony Course Director
Popovic, Celia Assistant Lecturer
Rapke, Tina K. Assistant Professor
Richmond, Betty Jane Assistant Professor (On Leave)
Sanaoui, Razika Associate Professor (On Leave)
Schecter, Sandra R Professor
Shah, Vidya Course Director
Shanahan, Theresa Associate Professor
Shapson, Stan University Professor
Smaller, Harry Professor Emeritus
Stanworth, Karen Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar
Steele, James Course Director
Subban, Nastassia Course Director
Tarc, Aparna Mishra Associate Professor
Thumlert, Kurt Assistant Professor
Thykootathil, Andrea Course Director
Wemigwans, Jennifer Sessional Assistant Professor
Wien, Carol Anne Professor Emeritus
Winton, Sue Associate Professor
Wiseman, Laura Associate Professor
Wiseman, Laura Koschitzky Family Chair in Jewish Teacher Education
Yon, Daniel Associate Professor
Zha, Qiang Associate Professor
Zha, Qiang Associate Professor

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Vice-President Academic & Provost
Level One Faculty of Education
Level Two Office of the Dean, Faculty of Education

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