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School of Administrative Studies, Faculty of LA&PS

Departmental Info
General Enquiries
Telephone: (416)736-5210 (Voicemail)
Campus Building: Atkinson 282
Solis, Adriano O. Director
Porporato, Marcela M Undergraduate Program Director, Associate Professor
Etkin, David A Graduate Program Director - MDEM, Associate Professor
Leblanc, Richard W. Graduate Program Director, MFAC, Associate Professor
Carbonell, Pilar F Coordinator - Marketing, Associate Professor
Deutsch Salamon, Sabrina Coordinator - Management, Associate Professor
Ho, Kwok Coordinator - Finance, Associate Professor
Iacobelli, Sandra Coordinator - Graduate Diploma PACC, Assistant Lecturer
Mamuji, Aaida Coordinator - DEM, Assistant Professor
Ophir, Ron Coordinator - First Year Experience, Assistant Professor
Peng, Songlan (Stella) Coordinator - Management Accounting & Law, Associate Professor
Splettstoesser, Ingrid Coordinator - MIS/Audit/Tax, Associate Professor
Toyasaki, Fuminori Coordinator - Decision Sciences, Associate Professor
Waweru, Nelson Coordinator - Accounting, Associate Professor
Yoon, Min-A Administrative Assistant
Gordon, Wayne Operations Manager
Lackner, Sabina Graduate Program Assistant - MDEM, MFAc
Agrawal, Nirupama Associate Professor
Asgary, Ali Associate Professor
Bartel, Henry Professor
Blodgett, Silas D. Administrative Secretary
Chuang, You-Ta Associate Professor
Cyrus, Charleen M. Undergraduate Program Assistant
Dlamini, Delisile Student Program Advisor
Domian, Dale Professor
Ebrahimi, Sepideh Assistant Professor
Evans, Paul Assistant Professor
Fleming, Jason A Assistant Lecturer
Freeman, Michael Student Academic Advisor (On leave)
Gelinas, Patrice Associate Professor
Hayle, Maxine Student Program Advisor
Huang, Rongbing Associate Professor
Hwong, Thaddeus Associate Professor
Ikik, Despina Undergraduate Program Assistant
Irasha, Sefath Undergraduate Program Assistant - First Year Experience
Jones, Joanne C Associate Professor
Karakowsky, Leonard Eli Professor
Karakul, Mustafa Associate Professor
Kennedy, Eric B. Assistant Professor
Kerr, Jonathan G Lecturer
Kim, Gina Student Program Advisor
Kwon, Sung Soo Professor
Lai, Liona Associate Professor
Lamb, Ellen J. Administrative Secretary
Lehrer, Keith Assistant Professor
Letkiewicz, Jodi C. Assistant Professor
Li, Lee Professor
Li, Xiaofei Associate Professor
Lim, William W Associate Professor
Ma, Li Zhi Assistant Professor
Magee, Joanne E Associate Professor
Maharaj, Gajindra Lecturer
Marcus, Joel Assistant Professor
Maute, Manfred F Professor
McBey, Ken Professor
Montano, Angela. Undergraduate Program Assistant
Ng, Peggy Professor
Ogata, Ken Assistant Professor
Park, Lina Student Academic Advisor (Mon, Wed, Fri)
Pham, Tram Undergraduate Program Assistant
Qudrat-Ullah, Hassan Professor
Robinson, Chris Professor
Rozdilsky, Jack Associate Professor
Rusetski, Alexander Associate Professor
Sabatini, Vita Undergraduate Program Assistant (On leave)
Sanchez-Rodriguez, Cristobal Associate Professor
Sanna, Frances Undergraduate Program Secretary
Schwartz, Mark Associate Professor
Sebastian, Carolyn Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Shea, Cynthia Undergraduate Program Assistant
Shen, Jung-Chin Associate Professor
Snow, Kim Associate Professor
Spraakman, Gary Professor
Strebinger, Andreas Associate Professor
Tahani, Nabil Associate Professor
Thomson, Kelly Assistant Professor
Tsasis, Peter Associate Professor
Wang, Haiping Assistant Professor
Weitzner, David Assistant Professor
Whelan, Jodie G. Assistant Professor
Whiting, Amanda Graduate Program Secretary - Graduate Diploma, PACC
Yang, Li Ying Undergraduate Program Assistant (On leave)
Yildirim, Semih Associate Professor

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