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School of Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies, Faculty of LA&PS

Departmental Info
General Enquiries-Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
Telephone: (416)650-8144
Campus Building: 206 Founders College
Fax: (416)650-3900
General Enquiries-Glendon
Telephone: (416)487-6828
Campus Building: York Hall 125
General Enquiries-Graduate Studies
Telephone: (416)650-8143 (Voicemail)
Campus Building: 206 Founders College
Fax: (416)650-3900
Michaud, Jacinthe Chair and Associate Professor
Dua, Enakshi Graduate Program Director and Associate Professor
Karpinski, Eva C. Director of Undergraduate Programs and Associate Professor
Mitchell, Allyson Amy Sexuality Studies Coordinator and Associate Professor
O'Reilly, Andrea Bridging Program for Women Coordinator and Professor
Gordon, Wayne Operations Manager
Sbrizzi, Sue Administrative Assistant
Irvin, Celeta Undergraduate Program Assistant
Adebisi, Yemi Graduate Program Assistant
Brisebois, Lise Administrative Secretary, Glendon campus
Rivietz, Danyah Client Service Program Support Representative
Bigwood, Carol Contract Faculty
Bimm, Morgan Teaching Assistant
Bradbury, Bettina Professor Emerita
Breton, Patricia Louise Bridging Instructor
Brightwell, Laura Teaching Assistant
Chatterjee, Sabina Teaching Assistant
Crosby, Alison D Director, Centre for Feminist Research & Associate Professor
Danchuck, Jenna Teaching Assistant
Davydova, Daria Teaching Assistant
Dowsett, Julie Contract Faculty
Evans, Heather Teaching Assistant
George, Meghna Teaching Assistant
Gill, Dana Teaching Assistant
Habib, Nadia Contract Faculty
Hunt, Krista P R Contract Faculty
John, Paula Teaching Assistant - on leave
Jonsson, Stephanie Teaching Assistant
Joya, Mejda Teaching Assistant
Kadar, Marlene Professor - On Leave
Kainer, Jan Melanie Associate Professor
Kaul, Kate Contract Faculty
Kim, Youn Joung Teaching Assistant
Klement, Kristine Contract Faculty
Kumar, Rajanie Teaching Assistant
Latchford, Frances Associate Professor - On Sabbatical Jul 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017
Luxton, Meg Professor
Martin, Jessica Teaching Assistant
Maule-O'Brien, Skye Teaching Assistant
McDermott, Patricia Associate Professor - On Leave 2016-17
Mendez, Mila Title Not Supplied
Mintz, Judith Teaching Assistant
Mohabeer, Michelle Contract Faculty
Newman, Ruby K. Associate Professor
Newman, Zoe G Contract Faculty
Newton, Janice Associate Professor
Noble, Bobby Associate Professor
Norys, Marnina Contract Faculty
Pelletier, Gary Teaching Assistant
Perdue, Katherine Contract Faculty
Quezada-Echegoyen, Roberta Teaching Assistant
Reiter, Ester Professor Emerita
Rekhviashvili, Ana Teaching Assistant
Ripley, Louise Professor Emerita
Shteir, Ann B. (Rusty) Professor Emerita
Simpkins, Reese Contract Faculty
Stanley, Angela Teaching Assistant
Tesfaye, Frehiwot Contract Faculty
Twena, Tania Teaching Assistant - on leave
Verhaeghe, Amy Teaching Assistant
Wahab, Amar Associate Professor - On Sabbatical Jul 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017
Westerhof, Sarah Teaching Assistant
Wiggins, Toby Teaching Assistant
Woodman, Katherine Title Not Supplied
Wright, Cynthia Assistant Professor
Yalamarty, Harshita Teaching Assistant
van Daalen-Smith, Cheryl Associate Professor

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