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Security Services, Department of Community Safety

Departmental Info
General Enquiries - Administration
Telephone: (416)736-5301 (Voicemail)
Fax: (416)736-5976
General Enquiries - Security Control Centre (Keele)
Telephone: (416)650-8000
Telephone: (416)736-2100 x 58000
General Enquiries - Security Office (Glendon)
Telephone: (416)487-6808
Emergencies only
Telephone: (416)736-5333
Telephone: (416)736-5470 (TTY)
Telephone: (416)736-2100 x 33333
General Enquiries - Investigations
Telephone: (416)736-5361 (Voicemail)
Altomare, Aldo Director
Ratchford, Lonnie Manager, Security Operations
Spasojevic, Dragan Manager, Community Relations and Crime Prevention
Tapley, Ronald Manager, Investigations and Threat Assessment
Collins, Christopher J Manager, Security Training and Standards
Benoit, Paul Assistant Manager, Security Operations
Bagley, Scott Coordinator, CCTV & Door Access Technology
McIntosh, Patricia Project & Administrative Assistant
Woodard, Amanda Administrative Assistant
Aguirre, Andrew Security Official
Anne, Raghav Rao Senior Security Official - Squad Leader
Ashton-Monaghan, Agatha Security Official
Barbosa, Henrique Security Official
Beauchamp, Andrew Security Official
Bedon, Betsy Property Watch Official
Braham, Clive Security Supervisor
Breiche, Mazen Security Official
Cameron, John Security Official
Cameron, Paul Security Supervisor
Chabeaux-Smith, Eric Security Supervisor
Corcoran, Thomas M Property Watch Official
Darkwah, Michael Property Watch Official
DiPinto, Vince Security Official
Diaz, Flavia S. Property Watch Official
Edyvean, Andrew Property Watch Official
Elin, John Karr Property Watch Official
Ennaffati, Rachid Campus Relations Official
Evans, Richard Senior Security Official - Squad Leader
Fernandes, Michaela Security Official
Fletcher, Shaun Senior Security Official - Squad Leader
Gill, Roopindar S Security Official
Griffiths, Douglas Property Watch Official
Halsband, Jasmin Security Official
Holubev, Dzmitry Security Official
Huang, Michael Property Watch Official
Hughes, Glen G. Senior Security Official - Squad Leader
Hylton, David Security Official
Joefield-Jacob, Makeda Property Watch Official
Kantharasa, Prashanna Senior Security Official - Squad Leader
Kempling, Erin Property Watch Official
Keyi, Aluko Property Watch Official
Lacarte-Maule, Dana Senior Security Official, Investigations
Little, Andrew R Campus Relations Official
Lusty, Michael Senior Security Official - Squad Leader
MacNeil, Malcolm Senior Security Official - Squad Leader
McConnell, Todd Security Official
Melanson, Gerald Security Official
Murphy, Jeff Property Watch Official
Nanos, Matthew Security Official
O'Grady, Diane Property Watch Official
O'Grady, Lauren Security Official
Pita, Pauline Property Watch Official
Rose, Dwayne Property Watch Official
Saini, Gurdeep Singh Security Official
Saint-Andre, Rene Security Official
Sang, Silang Property Watch Official
Santoli, Pasquale Property Watch Official
Santos, Mauro Security Official
Sarfo, Kwasi Property Watch Official
Sheppard, Jonathan Property Watch Official
Springer, Alieenmae Security Official - Security Access Control
Springer, Jason Senior Security Official, Investigations
St. Louis, Anthony Senior Security Official - Squad Leader
Sztajnmec, Pawel Security Official
Taylor, Sean Senior Security Official - Squad Leader
Thomson, James Senior Security Official - Squad Leader
Thomson, Matthew Security Official
Timmins, David Senior Security Official - Information Systems & Statistics
Tolledi, Alex Omar Security Official
Vijayakumar, Rameesraj Security Official
Wigneswaran, Seetha Senior Security Official - Squad Leader
Williams, Mikeal Paul Property Watch Official
Wry, Tiffany Security Official
Young, Joseph Arthur Security Supervisor
Young, Kelly Security Supervisor
Young, Scott Security Official
Zagorenko, Andrey Security Official
Zebar-Adami, Said Security Official

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